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Letter from the Editor 

Cover of 10,000 Hours 

In today’s fast-paced society, we rarely have time to relax and do the things we are passionate about. People are constantly facing stress and mental health issues. Usually, we do not have the time to sit down, take care of our mental health, and pursue what is important to us. Every day, we divide a minuscule 24 hours between sleeping, eating, and other activities, so it’s no wonder why people constantly find themselves so stressed and burned out. In this issue of Writ Large, I wanted to highlight people and the passions they might not be able to pursue due to the stress society places on them. If given more time in a day, how would that time be used? 10,000 Hours sheds light on the ways we use our time and asks us to think about how we would use extra time to make ourselves happier. Everyone has that special thing that they love to do. As a creative person myself, I find art to be a form of escapism in our capitalistic society. I encourage people to hold on to their dreams and hobbies, and I challenge them to turn them into something bigger. 

Olivia Reid
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