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Boston's Music Scene

Coverage On Wallows

By Olivia Reid

As a college student in Boston you get the opportunity to learn about so many musicians as they come to town- as we have a great music scene! On June 22, 2022 Wallows had a fantastic performance at Roadrunner in Brighton, MA. Spill tab opened up for them around 8pm and it was a killer show. Around 9pm Wallows came out on stage and opened with Hard to Believe from their new album: Tell Me That It's Over. After leaving the stage they returned to play a few last songs. 

During the show the staff of Roadrunner did a fantastic job of keeping all the fans hydrated and safe as well as the performers that checked in! The helpful staff were passing out water to those who needed it, as well as having cups of water out for those to grab. The venue was beautifully lit during the performance. The staff were very helpful and attentive to all that was going on. They made sure everyone had a great time.

The complete set list from the event is as follows-

Hard to Believe

Remember When 


Treacherous Doctor

Talk Like That 

These Days

Hurt Me



Pictures of Girls

1980s Horror Film II

At the End of the Day


Just Like a Movie

I Don’t Want to Talk 

Especially You

Guitar Romantic Search Adventure


Pulling Leaves Off Trees

Let the sun in

Are You Bored Yet?



by Olivia Reid

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Coverage on Pitbull 

Photo Review By Olivia Reid 

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