Farrin Khan


"If I could summarize the Writ Large in the most succinct way possible, it is the ambitious attempt of a student publication to reach the  quality seen in The New Yorker. It's all about bold perspective, embellished opinions, and giving writers a platform to share their unique take, whether it be through artistic interpretation, photography, or the written word. It's educated, perfected, and the epitome of creativity sprinkled into journalism."

- Farrin Khan, Editor-in-Chief 

Rising Junior

Biology & Political Science




When she's not designing the Writ Large Magazine, you can find Farrin writing poetry, shopping online crazily, daydreaming about fantastical creatures and all the possible stories she could write from it, or clutching a jar of Nutella. You can also find her being lectured by Jana, the Managing Editor, about her fast-fashion addiction. 

Jana Trehan

Managing Editor


Our Managing Editor is usually found watching "The Office" obsessively, lecturing Farrin about her online shopping habits, or talking politics with friends. Jana loves the work that Writ Large does and the friends she has made through them. She can't wait for school to transition back to in-person!

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We seek unique perspectives, nuance, and writing that is at times both subtle and fierce. We look for art that generates emotions, both in the artist and the viewer. We are always on the lookout for talented editors with sharp eyes and an ever-ready quick mind. 

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Image by Joan Villalon
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