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Letter from the Editor

     Relationships are an interesting concept. There are so many different types of personal relationships—romantic, familial, platonic—but relationships can also be so much more. It is sometimes a difficult concept to wrap your head around, but we have a relationship with everything around us. It is important that we are cognizant of these relationships so that we may understand the world we live in. Understanding people and the differences in people is one of the most important things that we can do so that we can accept and love the things that make us so diverse.

       Understanding our relationship with the world around us is equally as important so that we can work to make our environment and world a better place to live. The basis of all relationships, whether between two people or between a person and virtually anything else, is love. If we do not have love, we cannot have a world that lives in peace. We need to have love in our hearts in order to understand the reality of relationships.

Kellie Ruccolo, Editor-in-Chief 

Inside the Issue


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Cover Art

      Writ Large would like to sincerely thank Kahrim Wade, manager of Quinn Graphics, who created both the front and back covers for this edition of the magazine. We would also like to thank his assistant, Diana Luong, everyone who participated in the photoshoot on campus, and everyone who submitted pictures to be used for the front cover.



Elizabeth Grover

Jessica Perez

Kaitlyn Solares

Bina Li

Matthew Finnerty

Timothy Musoke

Charlotte Burlingame

Remona Kanyat

Jithin Jacob

Meiqi Li

Samuel O'Neill

Nina Roxo

Wyndham Janeau

Michelle Stuart

Mohammad Hassan

Laura Saucier

Jade Chu

Luana Padua

Santino Simms

Kacy Granitsas

Margaret Gillis

Lucie Lass

Sarah Dupont

Mackenzie Joyce

Drew Oakley

Caleb Synder DiCesare


Adam Langton

Rixy Fernandez

Allaina Millard

Kelsey Hale

Joseph Absi

Mohammed Uddin

Sophia Dudkin

Kelly McCann

Remona Kanyat

Max Lamenza-Naylor

Sabrina Sainte

Elizabeth Grover

Laura Saucier

Cullen Bryant

Brianna Nguyen

Jess DoSouto

Caitlin Towle

Natalia Mirabito

Margaret Gillis

Lucie Lass


Roberta Cappa

Aimee Chan

Johannah Cronin

Matthew Finnerty

Angelika Katsinis

Karolina Krason

Natalia Mirabito

Emmanuella Nei

Kelly O' Donnell

Jessica Perez

Laura Saucier 

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