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WL Volume VII, Issue II

Letter from the Editor


     My Managing Editor, Farrin, and I were sitting in the Writ Large office brainstorming ideas for a theme for the magazine. This is always one of my least favorite parts of the process. It’s challenging to come up with an idea that will spark conversation and inspire different perspectives, but be broad enough to go in multiple different directions, and then also not be something we’ve done before. I was stuck on the idea on an individual’s effect the community, but I wasn’t able to put that concept into words. Farrin’s face lights up, exclaiming, “Handprints and Footprints!” Thus this theme was born, Handprint and Footprints: The Human Impression. This brainstorm was ironic. Looking back on it, I see how Farrin left her impression on me. She is effervescent and creative-minded, meanwhile I would consider myself to be more reserved and concrete, but such radiance is contagious. We are a collection of impressions made upon us, compounded experiences shaping the person we will become. Regardless of age, we never stop growing.

     I encourage you to embrace this growth, and always be mindful of the impression you are leaving. Our mission with this issue of Writ Large was to compile a series of articles that highlight these impressions. I hope that these articles cultivate a sense of purpose in you, readers, and inspires you to imprint your impressions deeply.

Elizabeth Grover, Editor-in-Chief 


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By Danielle Lawson

Why is it today

We focus so much

On the individual

when life is so much more

My words, slurred

My vision, blurred

I take the train home

At 5am

A man sits next to me

I sawy and grab a pole

A woman sits next to me

Protects me from myself

A woman outside the grocery store

Asks me for some meat and cheese

Who am I to deny such a 

Simple request

When we cannot predict the

Action of an individual

But we can guess

The patterns of the human race 

How many will be born?

How many will die?

How many will become homeless,

Addicts, get married, thrive?

Who am I to deny

Meat and cheese

When that woman could be me

When that woman is me

The world is so small and

We are so much more influenced

By everyone around us

Than we could ever think

Individual actions 

Are not removed from the whole

No matter what they tell you

We are all one

There is a human spirit

It lives in all of us

It is connected

It is beautiful 

The smallest actions

Can have the biggest influence

Love Thy Neighbor

And you will love yourself

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Cover Art 

      Farrin Khan



Daniella Lawson

Janhvi Trehan

Farrin Khan

Elizabeth Grover

John Blegan

Juan Ruiz

Tenley Spataro

Jennifir Huston

Mitchell Cameron

Elizabeth Grover

Austin Schofield 


Jithin Jacob

Tenley Spataro

Kristen McDermott

Julia Huynh


Elizabeth Grover

Mitchell Cameron

Inside the Issue

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