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Boston, A Beacon

Riley Letendre

Boston. Bah-stahn. Why in the world would you want to come here, right? There’s the snow and the cold and the ice, the rain…did we mention the cold? More importantly, did we mention you’re a full 24 hours from home by car? Four hours by plane?


To me, Boston stands as a beacon in the Northeast—the real Northeast, New England, where our great world formed at the intersection of revolution and opportunity. Be sure to take your rightful tour. Go see Paul Revere’s house or the Freedom Trail, as it’s your penance to the long-forgotten world that created what we have now: America, the world’s enemy. This beacon drones on and on, calling people to breathe in history and Dunkin’, and breathe out hate and harm. Of course, there’s always improvement to be made, but the beacon is the start, the center, the example everyone takes after.

Southwest Florida is a prison for anyone under the age of 40. If you can conceptualize any type of complex thought, any individualism, it’s not the place for you. Conform, conform, conform…just play along until you go so numb you believe it. But why would I ever leave the land of palm trees and golf courses for the snow, the rain, the cold? Why would I ever leave my prison when it’s just so perfect and lovely? I’m living out a cushy sentence only the most legendary of mobsters get, for crying out loud!

The elephant in the room we’re forgetting is just that, an elephant; the elephant that they’re feeding too much and letting terrorize the streets rather than locking up like they do the donkeys. The ringleader has lost his mind, thinking up is down and down is up.


“Forget books, who needs those darn stacks of paper anyway?”

“‘Fahrenheit 451?’ What are you talking about?”

“Did you just say that three-letter word we banned in our lovely bill?”

“Are you judging my decision to send a bus of ‘undesirables’ to Martha’s Vineyard?”

“Why do you need to kill a fetus; what about their life?”

“Why aren’t you laughing with me? We’re creating the havoc the world needs!”


Here, the havoc stops. Here, we draw the line and say “no.” Here, we protest; we follow law and keep all in mind. We try our best and do our best for our neighbors. Boston is no prison for those with a brain.

No longer do I live in fear of my rights being pulled out from under my feet. I don’t have to worry about indoctrination in my education, or being barred from aspects of education anybody outside of my state could find. The fear of backlash for even speaking these truths aloud disappears. I’m not the stray donkey who got out of its circus train cage.

It’s cold, it’s far from my home and every day is a scary new adventure. Life is supposed to be scary when you’re going through it the first time, but there’s a difference between having nerves for the little things and living each day knowing that soon, you could be left fearing for your life if you speak out of turn. A beacon called to me with hope and safety, and I answered.


Boston, where there’s snow and cold and ice and rain? Why in the world would you ever want to go there? Damn liberals and their public education systems…

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