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Updated: Jun 16

Madison Tonti

Today, like most days

Feels like a plant slowly wilting

leaves turn dark green

on the brink of becoming black

Falling to the ground as winds pass over the long days

But that does not always have to be, so we are told

With those wilted leaves falls the pain and sorrows

of today's troubles

Leaving room for tomorrow's hopes and possibilities

to reach for the sunlight

Growing tall, glowing a bright green color

leaves articulately shaped and each uniquely placed

rests a beautiful sight

The consideration of our strength

to get through another day

Despite the fears and anxieties

troubles and overwhelming feelings of today’s past

We must allow ourselves to grow through the aches

and create a better version of ourselves

One that makes time to enjoy the things we used to love

And activities that gave us passion and drive

To attend to our own needs and desires

not everyone else's

Tomorrow we must acknowledge our accomplishments

and connect with parts of ourselves that have become lost

in the transitions of change and expectation


My leaves are green

I turn to the sun and smile again

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