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Wisdom de Paco

Updated: Jun 16

Valentina Valderrama Perez

I was talking with my grandpa on the phone. The more I look at the way he loves, the more I understand what relationships really mean. I analyze how my grandparents and great grandparents loved to understand how to love myself and what to teach others.

He met my grandma on the steps, and they chose each other again and again. It was nice and easy at first—nice and romantic. He took the

two-hour bus to see her each weekend;

it makes for a great dinner time story.

True love though, is how she chose his way of building a house one brick, one floor, at a time; my mom’s favorite memory from her childhood; inspiration for my aunt and uncle to follow their dreams in a world that blocks their vision and boxes them up. To escape the small world mentality. Allowing them to look in, rather than think in, their outer shell.

Love is allowing oneself to be led in weakness. Listen to honest words, meditate and really go to therapy.

On the call we had today he told me about a book he’s been reading—diving deep into every detail, so he really absorbs it.

He said that “Every reaction and choice to love, be happy and peaceful comes from within. You are 100 percent in control of yours and zero percent in control of others.

Accepting, Forgiving and Listening are the key pillars for prosper relationships.”

I think of my High School best friend. Meeting in the intersections of life, and wearing signs of not being afraid of The Wild things. She taught me that asking is never having expectations, but always being open. Holding and pulling each other forth, front and center made us grow together.

Now, I’m not ashamed to play the songs I loved as a child—they guide me.

Rubén Blades, Juan Luis Guerra y Vicente García.

My whole childhood condensing into my own elements.

I learn on my own hands to close my eyes

Let myself rest, and finally flow.

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