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Letter from the Editor


      Often times in our lives we are focused on ourselves and the things that immediately affect us. However, in a world that is becoming more and more connected, it becomes increasingly more important to look at the world in a holistic way. The world always has been and always will be interconnected, regardless of how vast it seems. In America, we are affected by what happens in Mexico, China, England, and anywhere else in the world, just as other countries in the world are affected by events that transpire in America. There is a great deal of insight that can be gained from being involved in global affairs. Having global knowledge also equips each of us with the tools necessary to instigate progressive change in the world. How can we seek to resolve the issues of the world, if we are not aware of what is affecting it?

Elizabeth Grover, Editor-in-Chief 

Inside the Issue

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Cover Art

      Brianna Nguyen




Jay Adams

Jessica Lambert

Balia Mir

Emily Griffin

Luana Melo

Remona Kanyat

Tenley Spataro

Kelsey Hale

Jessica Perez

Danielle Lawson

Colleen Shea

Margaret Gillis

Angie Latif

Sidra Afzal

Ting Lo

Kristen MacDermott

Vivian Li

Ashley Torres

Tony Dube

Liliana Granados

Brianna Nguyen

Megan Truong

Sidra Afzal

Natalia Mirabito

Laura Saucier 

Remona Kanyat

Caitlin Towle

Kelsey Hale

Elizabeth Grover

Simon Johnson

Margaret Gillis

Jess Dusouto

Yuexin Yu

Vivian Li

Mirlande Thermidor

Brendan Taranowski


Jithin Jacob

Natalia Mirabito

Kristen McDermott

Julia Huynh

Vanessa Boatwright

Matthew Donohue

Charlotte Burlingame

Annie Coyne

Alexis Perry

Manny Malave

Sam Hunter

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