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Letter from the Editor


     It is no question that past issues of Writ Large have focused on pressing themes such as “The Reality of Relationships” (the spring 2017 edition), “Unpacking Privilege” (the fall 2017 edition), and “Beyond Our Borders” (the spring 2018 edition). These themes involve “grand scheme” issues, issues that affect people in large scale ways. My goal with this theme was to inspire and cultivate a selection of articles that still dealt with pressing issues, but approached these issues specifically through the lens of everyday life. I wanted to challenge the writers and artists who contribute to think about the aspects of their day to day life that may be overlooked, and how those details have the potential to alter the course of their day. The range of writing pieces, and the variety of their styles, surprised me during the submission process. This issue of Writ Large produced quite a few more narrative style essays than in the past, which I believe helps to emphasize the personalization of our individual everyday experiences and routines. I hope you find the theme and these writing pieces to be just as important and thought provoking as past editions.

      This is only the second semester that I have been involved in Writ Large as the Editor-in- Chief, but prior to moving into this role I contributed to the magazine as both a writer and an artist. Throughout my journey with Writ Large, I have learned invaluable lessons about not only valuing the perspectives of others, but also seeking them out. I was first drawn to the magazine because of its mission— to inspire thought, to give a voice to groups who are told to be quiet, to create a more diverse environment. Being thrust into the position of the ringleader of the paramount mission has proven to be quite challenging. The obstacles associated with curating a magazine are numerous, and I feel added pressure to uphold the reputation of such an accoladed magazine.
      I have described the theme, and my intentions with the theme. When I was imagining the articles that would be written and submitted, however, I never would have imagined some of these articles. At the beginning of each new semester, when the production of a new edition of the magazine begins, I often think of examples of article topics that can be written. Sometimes this helps contributors who are experiencing writer’s block, or gives them a better idea of what the theme entails. “The Everyday,” being so broad a theme, I was able to come up with quite a few sample pitches. The shocking thing is that among the submissions, there will still topics that had never even occurred to me. The beautiful thing about being a part of such a diverse community, such as Boston, is that your peers will often surprise you, and even inspire you.

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Cover Design & Photos

      Farrin Khan

Elizabeth Grover, Editor-in-Chief 


By Farrin Khan

I dance among the trees, the birds, the clouds over the fields
I dance between the skyscrapers, the taxis, the clamor of the city


I dance between the coffee and the tea
I decide the coffee should suffice
For I did not rest my head upon a pillow all night

I dance between the taxi or the train
I decide the train shall be taken 
For I cannot afford the speed of a taxi

I dance between a choice and a forced circumstance
I decide the everyday life is one that is much too taxing
For I cannot keep a tally of every possible thing

I dance in the flames of impulse
My body demanding rest
While my mind screams for speed

I dance between short breaths and bathroom floors

My cheek resting on the cold, unyielding surface

As my mind frazzles and begs for help

I dance and dodge clenched fists and rotten words
Flowers of purple blooming on my skin

As seeds of doubt take root in my heart

I dance in the weeds of the city
Trying to ensure that I am not lost in the graze
Hoping someone will understand

I dance between the strands of smoke of life
The tendrils strangling me
Revitalizing me

We all dance through the days
Dance thorough choices, experience and life
Dance through impulses, demands and strife 

We dance in bitter movements and gratified twirls
For the everyday demands a dance of emotion


Tenley Spataro

Jithin Jacob

Kelsey Hale

Kristen Connor

Jay Adams

Sara Ramram

Farrin Khan

John Blegan


Elizabeth Grover

Austin Schofield 


Annie Coyne

Jithin Jacob

Julia Huynh

Kristen MacDermott

Vanessa Boatwright

Alexis Perry


Farrin Khan

Margaret Gillis

Mitchell Lloyd Cameron

Kelsey Hale

Thomas Cappelli

Shanarah Bargan

Inside the Issue


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