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Letter from the Editor


     With each passing year, I realize just how many changes the United States needs to make. We need to unite, not tear each other down because of fear and anxiety of the unknown. We need to support and defend our neighbors, who may differ from us in skin color, religion, sexual orientation or identity, ability, and beliefs. We cannot hide behind the cloak of the unknown. We cannot sit back. We cannot be silent. Hate cannot win. We need to learn from each other’s experiences—we cannot let fear blind us from the truth. We need to finish what we started; we need total acceptance. We need love. Maybe we can make America great. I won’t say "again" because America was never great for everyone. We need America to be great for everyone, with equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of what makes us different. We need to celebrate these differences, not shy away from them. We will make America great if we can learn to love each other. In light of the recent election, I would urge that you remove hatred and fear from your heart. I urge you to speak up and out about the injustices people face everyday, even if you yourself are not facing those injustices. I urge you to learn from this magazine. We all experience different things, but we are all human. America is a work in progress. We can only move forward if we are one nation, with liberty and justice for all.

Kellie Ruccolo, Editor-in-Chief 


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By Timothy Musoke

How glad shall I be, to stand among the privileged?

Or better yet, seek solace in being a statistic.

Maybe I’m better off as The Invisible Man,
Or the all too familiar In-Visible Wo-Man.

How glad shall we be, to permeate our socioeconomic class?

To toil on endlessly, clocking every possible hour,

That we may see our offspring wear the gown one day.

And watch them wage not by the hour,
But seek momentous joy in a prized paycheck,
That knows not the grind of Minimum Wage.

How glad shall we be, to contend not with hunger?

To know of surplus, and think not of deficit,
To know not of the harrows of biting cold,
To know of an address, and to have a home,
In which we all so gladly bask,
When the night time comes and fierce winter arrives.

They say beauty is skin deep,
Oh my! Is beauty so rich!

Black? Brown? Or... White?

Are there any Gray areas?
“I can see through the color!” they say,

Or are my eyes a little tainted?

How glad shall I be, to be seen as an insider among outsiders?

“Immigrants!” “Illegals!” they sometimes say,
It seems the history is unclear,
A great country founded by outsiders.

How glad shall I be, to have my faith respected?
To defend not, that in which I believe,
And practice freely, that which my forefathers practiced,
To utter my name, oh so loudly, and hear not that familiar cringe.

“Equality,” they say, “is like a panther!”

Much so elusive, much more cunning.

Just when its whiff grabs you,
It vanishes like dust...right into thin air.

Cover Art 

      Caleb Snyder DiCesare



Nina Roxo

Patrick Shaw

Philip McLaughlin

Samuel O'Neill

Widmaer Fleuransaint

Mason King

Edym McKelvey

Kaitlyn Solares

Burooj Mushtaq

Kellie Ruccolo

Tendai Meda

Meredith Gamble

Kacy Granitsas

Laura Saucier 

Brittney Santos

Kristin Connor

Mohammad Hassan

Jacey Taft

Charlotte Burlingame

Jithin Jacob

Tenley Spataro

Kristen McDermott

Julia Huynh


Jyoti Sharma

Margarett Gillis

Elizabeth Grover

Natalia Mirabito

Rixy Fernandez

Brianna Nguyen

Arian Figueroa

Tucker Gaye

Gabrielle Park

Dominique Tran

Natalia Mirabito

Ariana Figueroa

Cullen Bryant

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